Forefront has been driving intuitive, responsive web design initiatives for years. From enterprise integrations to single, one page sites, we have the expertise for designing and developing for all screensizes and devices.


Providing you website visitors with an exceptional user experience should motivate you to have a mobile-first, responsive website. Mobile web usage has exceeded desktop or laptop access for years already.

Technology changes fast and if your site is not optimized for mobile functionality, then you are most likely losing visitors to more competitive companies that have already made mobile their top priority.

In addition, Google has already implemented a mobile-first ranking and indexing strategy so if you do not have an optimized mobile experience, then that is hurting you in terms os search ranking.


We work closely with our clients to define all of the requirements and details up front. Through initial conversations and onboarding, we are able to ensure that we are answering all of the necessary questions up front.

Once the project is thoroughly defined, we build out interactive wireframes and prototypes using Axure. This allows clients to click through pages in their browser so they get a true feel for how their site will work.

After the prototype is signed off on, we then move into the design phase, where the site really comes to life. Our team of experienced digital designers is constantly pushing creativity in thoughtful, user experience execution. Our final designs are then presented to our clients using InVision, which allows our clients to provide timely feedback and helps to eliminate constant back and forth with emails.

Once our clients are happy with every little detail in the design, we then hop in and bring those static designs to life. We build out the responsive website template pages and provide links to our clients so they can test on all of their devices.

Upon successful testing and approval of our template pages, we then move into CMS integration. We build a lot of WordPress sites, but we have experience using a number of CMS platforms, including Squarespace, Craft and Drupal.

TESTING! The most crucial phase of our web development process. Our extensive QA experience and trained eyes catch even the smallest glitches. We ensure that your site looks amazing on every device and in every browser.

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